Catalan words at the UN // Paraules catalanes a l’ONU

Fragment of Pau Casals speech at the UN in 1971

Over the course of his life, Pau Casals struggled constantly for peace, justice and freedom. In recognition of his stance, in 1971 -exactly 40 years ago today- the Secretary-General of the United Nations, U-Thant, awarded Pau Casals the U.N. Peace Medal. The speech that Pau Casals gave to express his gratitude for this distinction, and afterwards his performance of El cant dels ocells (The Song of the Birds), form one of the most impressive testimonies to his human dimension.


“This is the greatest honour of my life. Peace has always been my greatest concern. I learnt to love it when I was but a child. When I was a boy, my mother —an exceptional, marvellous woman—, would talk to me about peace, because at that time there were also many wars. What is more, I am a Catalan. Continue reading

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I like Mallorca! / Mallorca, m’agrada!

This lipdub was recorded in Felanitx, a municipality located in the Southeast of Majorca.

This campaign aims to regain self-esteem of Majorcan people from the revaluation of the elements of identity (language, food, landscape, heritage, literature, art, history and people). All of this, with the purpose to promote the moral rearmament of the people who love Majorca.  The OCB organised events in all villages of Majorca, through the Network for the Language, Culture and Country. All events included elements of popular character, in order to involve as many people as possible (children’s parties, popular dances, concerts, lectures, book presentations and popular meals).
In addition, a lipdub was recorded in each village, with the colaboration of all the entities. The campaign also influenced the recovery of the memory of a person or an historical event that was important by placing a plaque or a monument to remember that for posterity.

To watch more lipdubs and videos of this campaign click here.


Aquesta campanya pretén recuperar l’autoestima dels mallorquins a partir de la revalorització dels elements d’identitat propis (llengua, gastronomia, paisatge, patrimoni, literatura, art, història Continue reading

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Spain’s secret conflict / El conflicte secret d’Espanya

Spain’s secret conflict: a documentary that shows a reality usually hidden by Spain to the rest of the world. The journalist Gary Gibson interviews different Catalan and Spanish personalities – Josep Lluís Carod-Rovira, Matthew Tree, Federico Jiménez Losantos or Jose María Aznar, for example –  to talk about the cultural and economical conflict among Spain and the Catalan Countries.


Spain’s secret conflict (El conflicte secret d’Espanya): un documental que mostra una realitat que normalment Espanya amaga a la resta del món. Continue reading

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December 31st 2010 demonstration video

This demonstration happened the last December 30th in Palma, the previous evening of the National Day of Mallorca.  The motto was We are a nation, self determination!. More than 2.000 demonstrators assisted, a clear example that the independentism in the Balearics is alive.


Aquesta és la manifestació que va tenir lloc el 30 de desembre a Palma, el vespre abans de la Diada de Mallorca. Continue reading

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Per a més informació:

The Festa de L’Estendart is the most ancient civic celebration in Europe. The reason is to remember our origins as people, with the Catalan conquest of 1229 and to tribute the ” Senyera de les quatre barres ” (Catalan flag). The celebration has happened uninterrupted since the 13th century and, though it has lived for diverse situations depending of the historical epoch, it has been kept as the follow-up of our collective roots. Continue reading

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Scottish independentism / Independentisme Escocès

The Corries – Flower of Scotland. Cançó patriòtica escocesa que tracta la victòria dels seus patriotes (“La Flor”, els més valents) contra la invasió anglesa dels segles XIII i XIV. És considerat un dels himnes no oficials més importants d’Escòcia.

Scottish independence is a political ambition of political parties, advocacy groups and individuals for Scotland to secede from the United Kingdom and become a sovereign state, separate from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Continue reading

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Teatre Mar i Terra

Teatre Mar i Terra a Santa Catalina

In 1898 ,the Mar i Terra Company was founded.  The same year, the building was build, at the expense of Josep Segura. At the beginning Mar i Terra was a recreative company, but in October, 1900 it turned into a company of mutual helps, which had as aim to exercise the welfare between his partners. At the same time, the company had a playful and instructive character, since it had a theatre, and its executives proposed to create a library and schools and to organize conferences too. In 1906, the community of the Franciscan Sisters of Santa Catalina established a Children’s home in El Jonquet and it offered its services at the ground floor of the Mar i Terra building. Until  1916 this was the emplacement of the Children’s home, which later was established in another zone of the city.

In 1907 the Marian Congregation, which had been founded in 1905 in the neighborhood of Santa Catalina and which Antonio Massot was directing at the time, rented the places of Mar i Terra to develop its activities: entertainment for young women, plays, conferences… In 1916, the same building happened to be a national school for children and, from 1935,  it was named Jaume I Public College. In 1943 a group of dance was formed , which offered classes of dance and of musical popular instruments. Continue reading

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